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Services Provided:

  • Digital Document Imaging
  • Leasehold Checks
  • Cursory Reports
  • Curative for DTO Requirements
  • Grantor/Grantee Search
  • Document Retrieval Services
  • Document Filing

Our Services can save your company time and resources:*

  • We have experience in nearly every oil and gas producing state and can assemble an experienced crew to meet your needs regardless of location

  • We strive to keep the most current equipment to elevate our standards

  • We can produce complete or limited digital abstracts in various digital formats to suit your company's requirements

  • We can also provide leasehold checks or compile cursory reports for your brokers to do the leasing and run title off our digital images

  • Your Brokers and Title Attorneys can focus their time work from their own computers to view images instead of spending countless unproductive hours driving to the courthouse, pulling books and making copies.

Our experience assures the highest quality images available in the most expedient manner possible.

Please contact us to review your specific needs and together we will prepare a cost and action plan.


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