About Us

About us

Red River Imaging specializes in digital document imaging of County Court House land records. With experienced professionals your digital images and indexes of land records are sure to exceed your expectations.

We offer a wide variety of Professional services with the highest quality standard. For County Court Houses Red River Imaging can come to your location for imaging of your county records or for the individual professionals we can bring the court house to you in an easily searchable database with image quality unsurpassed in the industry.

If the county courthouses trust our images for public viewing, so can you.

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Our Approach

We strive to maintain the most conscientious and talented group of imagers in the business.

We have imagers in the field as well as in house editors. Listed below are only a couple couple reasons for this:

1) Courthouse hours are extremely valuable, and we expect our imagers to use as much of that time as possible. Our editing process can be done at anytime and anywhere.

2) We found Quality and Control and efficiency as our most important goal. Having an in house editing team gives us another set of eyes for Q&C while not wasting the valuable courthouse time.

We are constantly testing and reviewing new technology releases to see if we can apply them to improve our procedures. This includes not only cameras and scanners, but also the software we use to edit, publish and archive our work product.

Providing the best quality work product in the most efficient and timely manner is our mission.

We archive all our work product and can reproduce any section we’ve captured for our Clients, even years later.

We respond immediately to special requests such as individual documents required, section updates, probates, etc.

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